Stout Braised Short Ribs (Instant Pot or Dutch Oven)

These Beer Braised Short Ribs are comfort food at its best. Tender beef meets a deep, rich, stout-infused gravy, for a restaurant-quality dinner at home.

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short ribs all purpose flour vegetable oil carrots celery onion tomato paste garlic cloves

Let's Make  Beer Braised Short Ribs 

The seasoning here is simple: just a generous sprinkling of kosher salt and freshly-cracked black pepper, before a light dredge in flour.

Once the ribs are in the pot, don’t touch them for a few minutes. When a deep golden crust forms, the meat will release easily.

Sautéed carrots, onions, and celery form the base of the braising liquid, with tomato paste, and plenty of fresh garlic.

Bring the pot to a simmer with a bay leaf and a bouquet garni of rosemary and thyme.

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